Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Planning my next Holiday!

I'm going to finish my Korea blogs now! My final day in korea consisted of last minutes shopping and hunting down street food. I loved this Pizza Kone! As you can see we are eating sweet and salty things together haha.

I really loved Korea, mostly because of the food and i got to see snow this year!
Sometimes it's good to take a break and travel to new places. Of course, normally i'm travelling alone and this time i have a girlfriend with me so it makes quite a lot of difference. We get to try more types of food too! Now i am thinking where i should head to next. I want to go back to London but everytime i head out please that take more than 10 hour flight it's often a longer stay.
I'll work harder!!! hehe!


  1. Don't forget to visit Melbourne, Australia. If you let me know ell enough in advance I'll invite you to come and stay at my Villa on the coast. I'm not there so much over the past few years, not as often as I had intended to be, but very soon will be there a lot more, especially in the Australian winter months, which are not at the end of the year down there, that is in the middle of the year, so your blazing summer is our winter, e.g. nice and cool, not freezing, just very cool and pleasant, with lotta fresh Ocean air. You just gotta see Oz a few times in your life, start with Melbourne, then Sydney, etc, etc, etc, lots of good places to visit. Ciao Ciao = Bye Bye ☺

  2. LOL I completely stumbled upon this blog by accident but it looks pretty interesting. You should visit Canada one day, it's pretty nice up here. Your quote is really deep. It seems like you've been through a lot in your life yet you continue to persevere regardless of the circumstances. If so, then I can relate to that. Anyway keep up the good work