Thursday, May 16, 2013

Should I pick my Ex over my Wife?

Meow! Yes, i brought back a couple my paintings back from London. A few were adopted by friends; makes me think i really should charge them for it haha. Nah! I am very happy that there are people who love my work and would hang up my paintings in their rooms etc.

This painting was actually rather popular even though it was just stickmen, when i told my friends i got an A in Art when they saw this painting they were like, "You got an A for drawing stickmen?" .. Yeh? xD This painting i ain't giving it away, its a classic! haha and goes well with my relationship vids. Of course, it was too big for my luggage so i had to ask my aunt to cut it in half for me, but its all good! Still looks lovely haha.

So i went to the Russel Peters show a few months back and got this Tee; never had a chance to wear it until today! Definitely gives out a good message! Especially for this vid. hehe.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this video :)


  1. You were able to express your message using the simplest form of art painting. A well-deserved "A in Art" I would say.

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