Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It is that time of year. Depending upon your social status or quality of current relationship, Valentine’s Day can either be a heaven or a hell or in my case, i don't really want to give a shit lol.

I hate Valentine's Day because it is such a con! I feel sorry for some of my male friends who have been TOLD that their partner wants something special and a surprise and their brain cells are about to explode from trying to plan something just so their partner doesn't get upset.

Surprises are not surprises if they are done on a festive day!!!

Looking at those for men bidding and trying to bargain for good roses to impress their lady makes me think... Is this all really necessary?

I know valentines day is a celebration for romance and an excuse to do make your partner do something romantic for you and since it's only once a year, you kind of think of it as a must or, "only once a year, might as well"

A day for the partner to do everything at once on this one day to fulfill the rest of the other 364 days in which they may or may not have done shit. Okay 360 taking out other festive days like CHristmas, Birthdays, anniversaries etc. - Just a figure.

Why I don't celebrate this event? Because I believe it's an excuse. Don't get me wrong! I don't hate on those who celebrate and confess their love to someone on this day but really? You need an excuse like valentines day to do it? Sorry but for me, if a guy confessed to me on valentines day I'd think "wtf? You kidding me? You needed a reason to confess? You liked me for -example - a 10 months?! And you're telling me now because...???" it's romantic? It's romantic to confess on a day you're expected to? Just because everyone else is?

If valentines day didn't exist would you still have waiting so long to do so? "oh valentines in coming in 5 months! Might as well tell her then. Hey! If you love me and want me to know , COME TELL ME! Why wait?!

Okay okay, I'm being mean, some girls and guys are shy and NEED an excuse to be brave for a day and confess.

But really? Do couples really need an excuse for one to give the other a surprise to show their love on this particular day? For those who are not single on V day, V day should be everyday!! Why wait for this day or any other festive day to give special surprises for each other? If one day u walk past a flower shop and thought of your lady, don't wait! Just buy and give them to your lady! Ladies why can't you surprise your man with special lingerie on a non-festive day? It's more of a surprise if it's done out of the blue!

Wait, so if your boy girlfriend/wife or husband is a real jerk or bitch that treats you like shit the whole year but buys you a nice gift on V day is it all forgiven? Come on...

Once again, i don't hate those who celebrate! I even helped a couple of my friends pick out gifts for their loved ones. God know how many times i went to the Flower Market in Hong Kong for the past week but really, its not my cup of tea. Valentines Day for me? I choose Vodka and Total Recall. HAHA!

Just kidding.



  1. Was going to say that I have a crush on you but after reading this article, I guess I have to at least wait until the day is over :D :D :D

  2. Not everyone has balls like you!

  3. Lukian! Please update more!!! :)

  4. I... LOVE... Luk at the time! Gotta go sweety. :D

  5. Hi Lukian! I saw you in admiralty today and awkwardly said hi. >< Hope I didn't scare you, if i did, I didn't mean to!

  6. RE: Jenny

    Sorry!! I'll try my best!!!! xD

  7. RE: winterdarkness

    Haha, Hello dear, No no, forgive me . I was on my way to work and was in my own little world the moment you came over. Nice to meet you :)

  8. By looking at your picture, I guess it's a thorny issue. :)

  9. i think you have a point on that one, but also what you are saying is that some people dont have the courage to do something outside valentines day, so thats why i think valentines day is brought to life.